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All donations go towards First Responder scholarships and the development of the First Responder Resiliency Center.

Resiliency Training

A Comprehensive Approach

S T R O N G E R , S M A R T E R , F A S T E R

Research shows that without intervention first responders NOT ONLY have life expectancies of 15 years less than civilians, but they have higher probabilities of divorce, addiction and suicide, stroke, and cancer than the very people they serve! It’s time to turn these statistics around! The impacts of being exposed to a career of stress and trauma effect every system of the body; psychological, neurological, physical and emotional. Until now traditional care for first responders has focused on forms of talk therapy, peer counseling, and debriefings. Although these things are great, they are simply not enough. First

Responder Resiliency, Inc. addresses every component of the issues effecting first responders with our unique, multi-faceted approach of implementing education, skills, techniques and tools that have profound impacts on stress reduction and management, thus improving the professional and personal lives of those that serve. Implementing everything from techniques used by the Navy SEALS, to the most recent research provided by neuroscientists and elite athletes alike. This training will change your life.

Stronger, Smarter, Faster – It’s time for first responders to save themselves.