Resiliency Presenters

Patrick Harig

Patrick Harig is a retired police officer for the city of Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan. His 34-year career with the department consisted of many roles, including 12 years on SWAT and 10 years as a detective on the FBI violent crime fugitive task force. He was also a bomb technician, firearms instructor and tactical instructor in a variety of fields. Since retirement, Patrick, along with his GRPD partner of many years have made it their mission to reach out to other retired/on-duty officers and first responders in an effort to decrease suicide and increase FR well-being by creating support groups that are partnered with practitioners who will support resiliency, offer education and trauma therapies with the aim of healing from the traumas incurred while on duty.


Ric Jorge

Jorge has been a firefighter for Palm Beach County, Florida, since 1992. He is also Florida certified Instructor I and a Live Fire Instructor. He has taught classes on a variety of subjects and his personal, passionate focus is on Stress Inoculation Training (SIT).

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Gary McCalla

Gary McCalla has more than 30 years experience as a residency trained and board certified emergency medical specialist. An ER physician at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Gary is also the medical director for both REACH helicopters and AMR ambulance service in Santa Rosa, CA. With his experience in emergency medicine, as well as training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gary is an incredible contribution to the evolution of mental well being of health care providers.


Susan Farren

Susan Farren is a speaker, author, educator and the founder of First Responders Resiliency, Inc.

After 30 years in EMS, in both the public and private sectors, Susan began focusing on the history and cognitive science of public safety. Her research led her to design a program providing psychological and physical resiliency for those who put others lives before their own.


Tod Ceruti

A military veteran, Tod Ceruti is a certified Fire Flex, Veteran Warrior, and prison instructor who teaches a unique form of physical resilience to civilians and prisoners alike. Tod’s experience as a military vet, combined with his own incredible journey into physical wellness, is a life altering benefit to anyone who learns from him.

Jeff Dill

After a career as a firefighter, Jeff Dill received his Masters in counseling and started the Firefighters Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA). Dill has combined his experience and education to address the issue of mental heath in the fire service. His primary focus is to stop the rise of suicide amongst retired and active duty personnel.


Art Hsieh

Art Hsieh is a nationally known author, commentator and EMS educator. A few years ago, he began to wonder why many EMS providers experience burnout and leave the profession, while others manage to overcome inherent challenges of the business. That led to a deep introspection of where his life’s journey has taken him, both professionally and emotionally. Art wants to share some of the insights and tips he has gleaned from his ongoing journey and other EMS veterans to promote a long satisfying career in this rewarding career.


Jeremy Berlin

Jeremy Berlin has worked with non-profit organizations around the world, primarily in South East Asia, assisting in community development in slum communities. Since 2012 he has been working with individuals who suffer from brain injuries as a neurobehavioral therapist. Jeremy is completing a masters in counseling with a focus on trauma (PTSI/PTSD) resolution through a somatic/neurobiological approach.